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Sep 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
, and forget about moderates. there are other people we are forgetting about. there is still michelle bachmann, ne gingrh, rick saorum rand paul. there is a whole body of far- right conservatives sayaying they have experience. >> i tnk we should not write off romney. i think he will be a very tough executiv if ectend if it is possible toto move the party at all to the center -- at all -- he will try to do that because that is the way heoverns. >> finally, could he not have had just one humorous anecdote about mitt romney? >> there were no ananecdotes about mitt romney. none. she said he is a funny guy. >> people would say richard nixon is funny. >> tell me what is funnier than putting a dog on the roof of your car and driving to your location? >> i hope the humane society heard that one. >> ok,k,ou heard it here. >> one of the few unforced errors i have ever heard. >> going to give mark and chararles the last word. we will see you next week after the democratic national convention. >> "inside washington" is brought to you ipart by the american federation of government employees -- proud to mak
Sep 30, 2012 9:30am EDT
-- they paid about $1,600 to rent vfw when michele bachmann came, $3.million to republican fund-raiserer firm. it is all over. what is i interesting, in my colleague's story, while the money is coming in a lois going to the media comnies and raight to the ads, so it is not always been felt as a direct impactct othe local economy. >> speaking o of the trickle-down economy, we will take a break and tatalk about more subjects and i bet we will have a couple of political ads occurring during the break. but first, the federal hot minute. >> with both financial and human resources stretched thin within federal agencies, the proven performance has emerged as a primary management initiative of the obama administration. in 2009 president's appointed jeffrey zyontz as the chief performamance officer, and in 2010, updated version of almost 20-year-old government performance and results act was signed. a year after that, the web site, designeto be the one-stop report card on performance when live. a blog worth checking out on public-sector performance is make gov gnment better, put out by
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2